The Last Hours

We are living in a culture where we see all types of craziness happening all around us. It has put some of us in a position of hopelessness and fear, wondering, what is going to happen. We are now in a new year and still we see many things happening especially in the body of Christ.

I wrote a post not too long ago, that said we should take our eyes off what we see because its already been prophesied that perilous times shall come. So, this post will not get into that. What I want to talk about today is far more important

Its about our relationship with the Father Jesus Christ.

One thing I have seen happening in my own life and I believe for many of you, is that God is showing up in our homes and leading us to repentance and transformation like never before. He is showing us ourselves and telling us to get back to our first love. What He desire is relationship with us, and He is pursuing us more intensely now; in my opinion.

I have seen many things happened last year and many things will happen this year as well. Many that will take a lot of us by surprise. Last year God showed me my own sinful nature, and many things about me was revealed in ways I can’t imagine. I believe this continues to happen as God begins to wake up His people to set us on a straight path to victory in this time. He is also opening eyes to see what we could not see before.

I saw a great divide in the church last year, that I knew exist, but I didn’t know it was so vast. And now with the election results finally called and a president sits in the White House. This divide is even more apparent. The other thing I saw happening was the rise of the Remnants of God who is now taking their rightful place for this end time harvest.

The Remnants

These are the people who have decided that they need God ( Jesus) more than the very breath they breath. Their the people who have said enough is enough with this weak prosperity preaching. The people like me who are hungry for a true move of God where He comes down and backs it up with miracles, signs and wonders. The people that is ready to take the world by storm and evangelize like never before. The people that will step into the market place and take back businesses, government, media, entertainment, etc. for Chris Jesus our Lord.

This is some of the things taking place now. Its time for us to look away from worldly things, seek the face of God and remember that we are the light of the world.

Look up to Jesus, do not fear or feel hopeless and know that 2021 is the beginning of something amazing for the body of Christ.

He is with us and we the remnant is ready to take a stand for Jesus in this these last hours  

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